London is a city of over 3 million gardens, from pocket handkerchief front yards to sites such as Inner Temple Garden that have been cultivated for hundreds of years. Today’s Londoners are just as obsessed with gardening as their predecessors but there’s a new energy in the air, a desire to tackle the urban jungle head on and a willingness to make gardens in the most challenging locations. It’s appropriate in the city that invented the pavement back in the 18th century that London’s roadside gardens are thriving – in tree pits, bus stops, and on street corners.

The London Garden Book A-Z celebrates the capital’s most inspirational gardens, from inner city allotments to a meditative Zen garden. Along the way encounter the gardens of London’s Square Mile, beautifully restored historic gardens, small-but-perfectly formed pocket parks, vibrant community gardens, therapeutic gardens, wildlife gardens, roof gardens, the zany ‘horticultural happenings’ of the Chelsea Fringe, top-class topiary and more.

Meet the gardeners who are turning London into a ‘greenprint’ of a modern garden city, from the head gardeners revitalizing historic gardens to passionate amateurs creating stunning contemporary gardens on London’s clay, and the tenacious guerrilla gardeners who believe that where plants flourish so do people.  The book also includes practical hands-on advice for urban gardeners, as well as a useful Gardener’s Directory.

Fully revised and updated, the second edition of The London Garden Book A-Z brings the story of London’s gardens up to date with new entries and stunning new photography to show that London’s remarkable horticultural renaissance shows no sign of slowing down.

The London Garden Book A-Z, 2nd ed, is priced £16.99 and is available from all good bookshops, or order direct from

There’s a lovely review of the book by Wendy Shillam, on her Roof Top Veg Plot website

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Praise for the The London Garden Book A-Z:

“A must-have for all London gardeners as well as visitors to the capital.” Gardens Illustrated

“A vibrant survey of all that is most interesting about London gardens at the moment.” The Telegraph

“An inspiring sourcebook of where plants are grown [in London] and of the people creating them.” The Times

“A brilliant and inspiring book, showing the amazing breadth of creativity going on right now in London gardens.”  The Idler

“What a great book. Having gardened in London all my life it feels as if it’s been written just for me. I thought I knew all the best gardening places but there are quite a few I hadn’t discovered till now and will have to check out.” Joe Swift

“The London Garden Book A-Z celebrates the capital’s brightest horticultural hot spots, covering community gardens and allotments, parks and squares, wildflower patches and planted highways, and includes the best nurseries and quirkiest garden centres.”  The Evening Standard

“The London Garden Book opens the door to a side of the city that many, even long-time London dwellers, may not have seen or experienced, it would make a wonderful gift for anyone in London – even if they’re not into gardening at all.”